Plant a Redwood Tree in Honor or Memory


Have a redwood tree seedling planted in a California forest in someone's honor or memory, and send a personalized commemorative card. Multiple redwood trees can be planted. 

Now you can give a gift that will help to restore California's treasured redwood forests. You can plant a young redwood tree in honor of a friend or loved one, to celebrate a life event, or simply because you cherish nature and the majestic beauty of California's ancient redwood groves.

Your tribute trees will be planted on coastal California forests, state parks and reserves where they are needed most. The young redwood seedlings will help to restore burned, logged and degraded areas back to thriving forests full of towering conifers and wildlife. Planting new trees will be critical in restoring the old-growth forest characteristics of these forests for the future: giant redwoods, clear-running streams, and diverse species of plants and animals.

Every card we print is sustainably sourced, FSC-certified, REC-certified & acid-free.

Your trees will be planted to restore redwood forest habitat in locations such as:

  • Santa Cruz Mountains
  • Usal Redwood Forest
  • Limekiln State Park
  • Headwaters Forest Reserve
  • Big Sur, California


Your commemorative card will be shipped to the mailing address provided at checkout. Orders are processed within 1-2 business days, and cards are delivered within 7 days. If the redwood tree planting is a gift, your name and address will be the return address on the envelope.